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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist

Success Stories

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American Samoa 

Pacific-CEED Promising Practice: "Tasi le Ola" radio drama. Click picture for more details.

Community Cancer Investigator Training & Research Program. Click picture for training modules.


From March-June 2008, Scott Sweet and I conducted the first Canine Population Study of Tutuila Island for the American Samoa Humane Society.



Youth focus group in Yei, South Sudan

In 2006, South Sudan was just beginning to recover from more than 30 years of war with the North.  I completed the first Knowledge-Attitudes-Practices assessment of HIV/AIDS and Gender amongst youth in Juba and Yei Counties for the NGO War Child-Holland. The rapid situation and response assessment provided baseline data and recommendations for gender and HIV/AIDS programming.


The Federated States of Micronesia has one of the highest per capita rates of youth suicide in the world.  I developed a  training manual for community participation and action planning for youth suicide prevention in the country and facilitated training-of-trainers workshops in Kosrae and Yap States for the FSM National Department of Health and Social Affairs Division of Youth Affairs in 2005-06.

TOT Workshop, Kosrae, FSM
Click picture to view training presentation