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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist

ASCCN Training & Research Program

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The American Samoa Community Cancer Network (ASCCN)Community Researcher Training Program was held August-November 2008. I developed the materials and facilitated 6 workshops for community members and students- Community Surveys, Participatory Research Tools, Planning and Evaluating Health Programs and Social Marketing.
I mentored 7 program graduates who conducted 3-month community-based cancer investigation projects funded by the ASCCN.  Researchers presented their results at a community forum May 2009.

Trainee Recruitment Brochure

Community Research Funding Application

Program Overview Brochure

Module 1 -
How to Conduct Community Surveys


Workshop slides: Module 1 - Community Surveys

Participant Guide: Module 1- Community Surveys

Module 2 -
Community Assessment Tools


Workshop slides: Module 2 Community Needs Assessment Tools

Participant Guide: Module 2- Community Needs Assessment Tools

More community participation tools:

100 Community Participation Tools

Measuring Community Participation

Module 3 - Planning & Evaluating Health Programs


Workshop Slides: Module 3 - Planning and Evaluating Health Programs

Blank Planning Templates: Programs & Research

Module 3 Handouts

Module 4- Social Marketing


Module 4- Social Marketing Slides & Participant Handouts

Case Studies