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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist

Program Planning & Evaluation

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Flip through these featured research writing samples by clicking on the report.

"Tasi le Ola" Breast Cancer Prevention Radio Drama
Process Assessment & Short-term Impact Evaluation (07/09)

American Samoa Cancer Prevention Billboards Evaluation (12/08)

Other Program Planning & Evaluation Samples

Adobe Reader is needed to access the following .pdf documents.  Download free Adobe Reader.

Micronesia GIS Training Needs Assessment (08/05)

South Sudan HIV and Gender Rapid Situation and Response Assessment (11/06)

Health Promotion Proposal: Preventing Iron Deficiency Anemia in Micronesia (05/07)

Health Promotion Evaluation Plan: Folk Music (11/07)

American Samoa Prostate Cancer Clinic Process Evaluation (07/08)

American Samoa Prostate Cancer Clinic Impact Evaluation (08/08)

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