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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist


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Flip through these featured research writing samples by clicking on the report.

Perceptions and Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
in American Samoa: A Survey of Health Care Providers 
(Published in The Hawai'i Medical Journal 06/10)

American Samoa Cancer & Health 
2010 Factsheet Series (04/10)

Guyana Youth HIV Prevention Life Skills:
Knowledge, Attitudes & Behaviors Study (01/10)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer in American Samoa:
Formative Research for the Development of a Radio Serial Drama (02/09)

Target Group Analysis for Planning Cancer
Prevention Communication Campaigns:
Media Habits & Preferences of American Samoans (02/09)

Insights into the Health Beliefs of American Samoans:
Results from an Adapted Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Survey (06/09)

Other Research
Adobe Reader is needed to access the following .pdf documents.  Download free Adobe Reader.

Clark University Masters Research: Post-conflict Development Impact of the Failure to Reintegrate Eritrean Female Excombatants (05/05)

Baseline Research: American Samoa Canine Population Study (06/08)

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