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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist


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Watch and listen to featured health promotion media productions.
Listen to the American Samoa breast cancer prevention radio drama "Tasi le Ola" (06/09)

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Other Media
Adobe Reader is needed to access the following .pdf documents.  Download free Adobe Reader.

USAID-Eritrea Malaria Prevention Newsletter (07/04)

Health Promotion Brochure: Anemia Prevention (10/07)

American Samoa Prostate Cancer Clinics Factsheet (07/08)

Community Cancer Investigator Training Program Brochure (01/09)

Guyana Cervical Cancer Brochure (01/10)

Watch the 3 part 1 Nigerian polio prevention drama movie "In Kunni Yaji, Jiki Ya Tisira" (in Hausa) (07/10)

Request a "Majigi" Kit.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

See other work in my Portfolio: