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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist

Pacific-CEED Legacy Project

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Listen to "Tasi le Ola"

January - June 2009 I managed the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition's CDC funded Pacific-CEED Legacy Project.  We researched Traditional Samoan Healing Practices as Complementary Cancer Care and produced "Tasi le Ola" (One Life), a 5-part participatory radio serial drama.

Tasi le Ola was the first breast cancer prevention radio drama series produced in American Samoa.  The project was funded by CDC's Pacific Center of Excellence for Eliminating Disparities.
The results of 225 surveys and 13 interviews with women age 40+, health care providers, cancer survivors and traditional Samoan healers were shared with Key Stakeholders who developed 5 health behavior change messages expressed in the drama.
  • Make your health your priority
  • Screen for cancer early and often
  • Don't let fear stop you
  • Cancer is not a curse; you can choose to prevent and treat cancer
  • And, "tasi le ola"--you only have one life, live healthy

The 5 episodes of Tasi le Ola were aired in English and Samoan on three FM radio stations in American Samoa May 25 - June 13, 2009. 

Formative Research to Develop TLO

TLO Creative Brief & Scripts (English & Samoan)

TLO Process & Short-term Impact Evaluation

Listen to TLO episodes & theme songs

Stakeholder Workshop slides (.pptx)

Script Development Worksheets

TLO Project Summary