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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist

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TerraUnda provides professional consultation, technical assistance and capacity building in community-based and scientific mapping for health and environmental risk reduction and sustainable development.


Our Consulants

                                     Scott Sweet             Sara Krosch
                                     GIS Specialist            Health Specialist
                                     Biologist                     Community Developer

What We Do

TerraUnda’s Mission is to enable clients to effectively utilize mapping concepts, activities, equipment and products for risk -reducing development project planning, monitoring and evaluation.


We achieve this mission by

  • Identifing clients within the health and environment sectors and determining their mapping skills, needs and opportunities;
  • Enabling underserved populations and diverse stakeholders to participate in the mapping process and to utilize mapping skills and products in development planning;
  • Facilitating workshops and field assessments;
  • Creating informational and educational map-based products accessible to decision makers and local populations.