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Sara Krosch, International Health Communication Specialist

In the News

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These newspaper articles feature my work and experiences


American Samoa Community Cancer Network Community Training Program - Workshop 1 (August, 2008)

Workshop 2 (September-October, 2008)

Training program progress (September, 2008)

Training Program Graduation (November, 2008)


US National Cancer Institute Cancer Health Disparities Summit (July, 2008)

American Samoa Community Cancer Network Cancer Symposium (September, 2008)

American Samoa Cancer Symposium Media Panel (September, 2008)

Cancer Symposium Posters (September, 2008)

Have you heard "Tasi le Ola"? (May, 2009)

"Tasi le Ola" Breast Cancer Prevention Radio Drama Kick-off Event (May, 2009)

P-CEED Leagacy Research Results Stakeholder Forum & Radio Drama Development Workshop (April, 2009)

P-CEED Legacy Research: Complementary & Alternative Medicine for Cancer in American Samoa (January, 2009)


American Samoa Humane Society Canine Population Study (April, 2008)


American Samoa Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence Survey Results (March, 2008)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October, 2008)

The Mapleton, Minnesota newspaper, The Messenger, did a feature article on my international experiences.

Read this January 2007 article